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jmr_savestheday's Journal

Trapped So Deep
29 October 1983
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"When words fail...music speaks..."

:::Trapped so deep I can't even breathe,
I scream an unanswered call...
6:42 in the AM...:::

80's music, altoids, amber, avril lavigne, band guys, beaches, being anywhere but here, being free, being trapped so deep, black, blaring my music, blue eyes, breezes, bubble baths, butterflies in my stomach, buttersctoch, c.s.i., california, candles, caring souls, chapstick, chicken fingers, chit chat, christmas, clean clothes, cloudy days, coheed & cambria, concerts, cosmic bowling, cotton blossom spray, crimson, crushes, crying happy tears, cuddling, dashboard confessional, diamonds, disneyland, downloading music, emo, eric =0), falling head over heels, feather pillows, first times, fog, forehead kisses, frisbee, further seems forever, giggles, goosebumps, gummi bears, halloween, haunted houses, holding hands, horror movies, hot fudge, house of blues, hugs, i'm a band-aide!, internet, kisses, la jolla beach, late nights, laughing, laying on the beach, leaves, life long friends, lips, lotion, massages, memories, michelle branch, mistletoe, moulin rouge, music, my so called life, nag champa, no more school, ocean waves, october, old atari video games, oldies, olive garden, painting, pajamas, patchouli, photo albums, physical attraction, piercings, poetry, psychology, punk, rain, red roses, rubber duckies, saints and sailors, san diego, sand between my toes, satin sheets, saves the day, sea lodge, secrets, sensuality, shampoo, sincerity, singing, sleeping in on weekends, smashing pumpkins, smelly good stuff, smiles, smirnoff, soft lips, sour patch kids, sparta, spas, spinning in circles, sponge bob, stars, stolen kisses, strawberries, summers in california, sweet pea, swingsets, taking back sunday, talking on the phone, tanning, tattoos, that spark, the 50's, the american tail, the exit, the special people, the used, the way boys smell, thunder storms, tickles, tiramasu, too many drinks, traveling, vanessa carlton, vanilla sky, veruca, weeping willows, whipped cream, white chocolate, willy wonka, writing, x's and o's