Trapped So Deep (jmr_savestheday) wrote,
Trapped So Deep

Moving on Up to the Eastside!

Well Dave and I officially moved into our own place on Monday! YES!

It's a 2 bedroom 1 & 1/2 bath Loft townhome...It is AWESOME! Everything is nice new and pretty and in 2 weeks our furniture will be in (It's on special order)

We went to see Audrey again last night, for those who don't know Audrey is our puppy! She's a Pug and right now she's only 5 weeks old, we've been visiting her once a week since she was born and now she's getting really big. We're going to California at the end of this month and we're hoping she is ready to be taken away from her mama so we can take her with us to show Aunt Pam & Uncle Doug.

Well just thought I'd tell ya we're VERY VERY HAPPY! and we love our new place!
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