Trapped So Deep (jmr_savestheday) wrote,
Trapped So Deep


2004 crazy huh?!?

The time is just flying by it seems...

February 4th is 1 year since I've been working here at Caesars Palace...WHOA!


February 14th is 1 year for David and I! Who knew we'd still be goin' strong. Love is a crazy thing, and well it was definitely meant to be!

I'm also turning 21 this year!! woohoo! I know not until October, but time will fly!! I'm not really worried about being 21 to drink, cause well...I could do that now. But I am excited cause when I turn 21 more oppurtunities here at Caesars will open up for me, which means MORE MONEY!!!! Wooohooo!

So Happy New Year everyone!
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