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It's been too long since I updated this thing...

So David is working the Gloria Estefan show like he did for Mariah Carey. He's working for about 2 and a half weeks this time. He's making $200 a day which will be WONDERFUL! We're staying with my parents during this time cause transportation will be easier since my parents live about 5 minutes from the strip. hmm...I wonder how this is going to work out?!?

I cut my hair again, I was going in for a trim but I ended up cutting it even with my chin this time, it's super short. I didn't know if I liked it at first but now I LOVE IT!

The Dashboard Confessional concert last week with Eric was fun. I think we both realized Chris Carrabah has lost his flair now that we're both not heartbroken anymore. Before we could sing along to his melancholy lyrics and we felt at home, but now we just realize he's become this idol for preppy high school teens, and we don't fit in...IN FACT (I felt rather old, my feet were killing me before the show was even over!)

I was also pretty sick last week, I stayed out of work 3 days, but now I'm ALLLL BETTER!

So people other than that not too much has been happenin'...same ol' same ol'...

That's all for now...adios
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