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Years have passed...

So last night I couldn't sleep I was thinking about my livejournal and I wanted to read it. So at 2am I started back on July 1st, 2002  and I made it all the way to August of 2004 by about 4am.  Between the fights with my mother and the fun times with friends I had accounts of the beginning of my relationship with David. David was my savior from unhappiness, he took me from a little girl and now I have become a strong woman. 

We recently reached our 5 year anniversary and we are married. We don't have any kids yet but we do have our pug Audrey (she's pretty much as close to as a kid that we'll get for now). 

This world of blogging is so interesting, I blogged before it was an internet passtime...I think livejournal was one of the first sites that allowed this.  I wasn't blogging for popularity or really any particular reason...I was was the one place where I could let it all go...and what is wonderful about it is that my memories of growing are all trapped in time. I can revisit them any time and just read. 

I'm glad I wrote....
I'm glad I gave a boy named David a chance inside my heart....
I feel accomplished!
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