Trapped So Deep (jmr_savestheday) wrote,
Trapped So Deep


Seeing as I don't update this journal as often as I should, I'm sure it seems like I say this quite often, but oh well...

I cut my hair! again...

Yes it is really short this time, and I think I've finally found my style that I like.

Um...Dave and I are meeting Bea for lunch at the food court here at Caesars, Then tonight we're going out to dinner with my parents before my dad goes into the hospital for his heart again. It's also 11 months today the 14th for Dave and me...almost a year! SO CRAZY!

Dave and I are addicted to this videogame Silent Hill, Yeah I know we're 20 & 22 and we still like video games, So at night thats what we do, we play our game...

So thats about it here...I know my updates aren't as eventful anymore, I apologize.

TA TA for now!
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