Trapped So Deep (jmr_savestheday) wrote,
Trapped So Deep

So...its time to take a trip...

Well this Sunday night, Dave and I are flying to San Diego to pick-up my Aunt's car...(the gift that was given to me over a year ago) Well I still don't have my license, just in case you were wondering but it's okay cause Dave does all the driving anyways.

Although we're planning on getting my license ASAP cause David wants a truck.

So anyway, I haven't been to San Diego since the X-mas of 2001, so I'm SOOOOOOOOO excited! I wish we could stay longer but we're only flying in Sunday (Dave's nervous cause he's never flown before) night at 8:30 and then we're driving back early afternoon on Tuesday. Dave and I both have to be back to work by Wednesday so we can't stay any longer. Still I'm excited to see Stephanie, I think the last time I saw her was for my graduation in June 2002...yeah, that sounds about right...

I'm really excited for her to meet Dave I think she'll think he's a pretty cool guy.

So anywho, tonight Dave & I are going to buy decorations for our little x-mas tree at home, and I'm going to buy some cute decorations for here at work, the place needs some holiday cheer.

I'll update later about our quick trip to Cali.
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