Trapped So Deep (jmr_savestheday) wrote,
Trapped So Deep

Happy Birthday to me!!

I'm 20...WHOA! 20

I'm happy...I have my David by my side every day, and I have a good job, and I have everything ahead of me in life.

It's a birtday I wont forget...It's kinda a weird feeling when you step outside today though, the massive fires in California have caused tons of smoke to invade Las Vegas. Outside the smell of burning wood lingers. I hope things clear up over there soon.

For Halloween David and I have been invited to one of his co-workers parties. I hope all goes well and we have a good time.

For my B-day David bought me the Nightmare on Elm Street DVD collection, all 7 movies!! I've always wanted that! Then he just brought me a box of Godiva chocolates yummy! Then tonight he's taking me out to dinner and I'm gonna try and get him to go to a Haunted House with me. (I swear I am going to put on 10 pounds this birthday)
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