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Ok so last night was Gloria Estefan's last show and the whole time dave and I have been doing this stuff, we've failed to take pictures until yesterday when we bought a camera...we took 4 ROLLS OF FILM! My goal is to sit down and make an awesome scrap book. So anyways, last night after the show Dave and I got to hang out in Gloria's dressing room, chit chatting and just visiting like we were around any person, (Gloria is so down to earth) Gloria also personally gave me 2 of the bouquets of flowers she got from fans, and this HUGE flower arrangement that was in her dressing room for decoration (they're sitting on my desk at work now). Then we found out there was an after party at the Shadow Bar here at Caesars...and then after that there was one at Risque the club @ The Paris. Well Dave has been driving around this 15 passenger van and they requested that we take them to Risque. So I was lucky enough to go to two clubs in one night. I went with the security guard Tony, Gloria & Emilio and the rest of the bunch so I didn't even get questioned about my age (dave was there the whole time too of course). There was also this other lady who is famous in Mexico for doing a spanish talk show who was with us all night (The show is Gordo y Flaca), she was really nice and down to earth too. We stayed at the Shadow Bar for a couple hours and danced and just took pics and hung out, then when we went to Risque where we had a private room reserved for the small party we had of the dancers and band and some friends of Gloria's. It was great cause we had this special roped off area inside the room for Gloria that we were in and every girl was trying to flirt with David to get them in, but then he'd just blow them off and come over to me and the girls got the point they weren't getting in. This one girl even was hanging on his arm and wouldnt let go on the other side of the rope, so I grabbed him and sat him down next to me. and goes "Oh look I mad her jealous," and I stood up and was like "No honey I'm not jealous, you're just not gonna get in, sorry." MUAHAHAHAHA!

Dave and I both got hugs goodnight from Emilio and Gloria, and everyone else we dropped off. It was a great time, I'm still kinda in shock that all of this just seems so unreal. I can't wait to make the scrap book of everything I have, we got our backstage passes signed, and like I said 4 rolls of film, also a couple magazine articles. It's gonna be cool!

Well I just thought I would share this with everyone who would think this was cool, cause if I told my mom she'd just be pissed she didn't go. For instance...the first time we drove Gloria around and stuff Dave and I came home (cause its when we were staying with my parents) and we were so excited we got to talk to her and stuff, and my mom had been bugging me about getting her into rehearsals or backstage, and I kept telling her I couldnt, so her response to us being excited about meeting Gloria and talking to her like we did was, "Well if you're so buddy, buddy with her then why don't you get me and your dad in"...she has had nothing positive to say, I even got them unbelievable seats to 2 different shows, and I didn't even get a thank you from her, all I got was a dirty look when I told her I couldnt get her backstage. Like she thought I didn't try (and I did!) although my dad called me and told me thank you very much that he had a great time.

Well I'm exhausted, I got about 2 hours of sleep and poor David is surviving on no sleep because he had a call time of 5:45AM to take people to the airport, so he didn't bother trying to sleep.

but let me tell you...IT WAS ALLLLLL WORTH IT!!!
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